Chase Our Love.

Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained and loyalty is returned.


We all have scars from previous relationships. Be understanding of your partner’s insecurities, be there for them as they heal.


A good relationship takes time it requires work. Get to know someone enough before you open your mind, body and soul to them.

The downside

Of relationships is jealously.

No matter who you’re dating you find yourself becoming jealous of someone else or even a race. You could be White and you’re dating an Asian. You start to compare yourself to other Asian women and how beautiful they could be and you start to question yourself…”why don’t I look like that?” Because that’s what you think your boyfriend wants. It could even be the other way around.

You always have some current kind of jealously and don’t think your significant other doesnt feel the same way too, they probably do. It never hurts to talk to them and tell them how you feel, because in the end I promise you they’ll make you feel like you’re on top of the world again.

Communication is key in a relationship and jealously can really ruin it.


deaco asked: Hi! I'm Khairi, I make Vlogs and skits and watnot on YouTube. I made a Vlog about Misunderstandings last week, and It would be awesome to know what you think of them! I can't really share links on the ask page, but my YouTube channel is "TheForreyoNetwork", if you get the chance to check it out. :D Thanks so much!

I found you! ill be sure to subscribe! I really enjoyed that vlog, and i see where you’re coming from.

Coming from a girl who has been in two serious relationships before and of course has gotten a taste of the single life, misunderstandings happen all the time, and you just have to learn how to work around them. Its terrible when it doesn’t go your way and like you said, it may make you feel like you’re on rock bottom and you “want to kill yourself” ~ive been there myself~, but when things like this happen you go to a friend, heck ill come to you if i ever feel this way! or my followers you can come to me when you feel this way. misunderstandings are hard and sometimes the other person wont give you the time of day to explain yourself, but thats life and you always have to think positive. 

head up, heart strong.


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